One Light Switch - Foshee Multifamily Architecture Insights
It sounds obvious! Having multiple electrical switches in a bathroom will cost more money than a single switch, right? But, is there more to this conversation?  Let’s shine some light on a few reasons why we recommend having only one single switch in each multifamily bathroom. An electrician can purchase a basic electrical switch for around...
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The Dreaded Dumpster - Foshee Multifamily Architecture
What is one thing that you wish could be disposed of in a multifamily property?  Yes, the dreaded dumpster…  Chances are, if you have more than a few units in a property, there will be one on site.  The placement of, access to, and the concealment of the dumpster are all extremely important to not...
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The Morgan Apartments Designed by Foshee Architecture - View of Kitchen and Appliances
One of the most important rooms in a rental property is the Kitchen. Cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes all play a huge role in the design of a Kitchen; however, the appliances can speak volumes to a prospective tenant. How do these appliances affect the overall quality of the property, and do tenants prefer a particular...
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Flooring Choices - Foshee Multifamily Architecture
When it comes to multifamily properties, there are plenty of flooring choices to fit any budget and size. The options may seem endless, but when dealing with apartment units that will service many different tenants, we think there are few no brainers that would make any property management company’s life much easier! To make things...
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