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Foshee Multifamily Architecture - Printing Press Lofts - Apartments
Conversion of a historic, urban warehouse into 21 loft style apartments, using private equity funds.
Foshee Multifamily Architecture - The Morgan Apartments - HUD Loan
New Construction of a 216 unit apartment community, financed utilizing a HUD 221(d)(4) loan.
Foshee Multifamily Architecture - District 36 Apartments
Redevelopment of a department store into 1st floor commercial spaces with 28 residential units above, using conventional financing.


One Light Switch - Foshee Multifamily Architecture Insights

Having More Than One Electrical Switch in Your Bathroom = $$$

It sounds obvious! Having multiple electrical switches in a bathroom will cost more money than a single switch, right? But, is there more to this conversation?  Let’s shine some light on a few reasons why we recommend having only one single switch in each multifamily bathroom. An electrician can purchase a basic electrical switch for around...
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The Dreaded Dumpster - Foshee Multifamily Architecture

The Dreaded Dumpster

What is one thing that you wish could be disposed of in a multifamily property?  Yes, the dreaded dumpster…  Chances are, if you have more than a few units in a property, there will be one on site.  The placement of, access to, and the concealment of the dumpster are all extremely important to not...
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The Morgan Apartments Designed by Foshee Architecture - View of Kitchen and Appliances

What Your Appliance Colors Say about Apartment Quality?

One of the most important rooms in a rental property is the Kitchen. Cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes all play a huge role in the design of a Kitchen; however, the appliances can speak volumes to a prospective tenant. How do these appliances affect the overall quality of the property, and do tenants prefer a particular...
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Foshee Multifamily Architecture is a licensed architecture firm based in Montgomery, Alabama, providing comprehensive architecture and consulting services geared specifically towards the multifamily industry. The firm was founded by John H. Foshee, a graduate of the Auburn University School of Architecture. As the 3rd generation in the development and construction business, the Foshee family history includes multifamily developments throughout the Southeast.

With over 42 million dollars in self-developed projects to date, Mr. Foshee has experience serving simultaneously on deals as its owner, developer, architect, general contractor and realtor. The range of funding for these projects includes conventional financing, cash outlays, HUD loans, partnerships with municipalities and public housing authorities, and historic tax credits. He is one of the few people in the country with this type of extensive background. This wide range of knowledge and personal experience contributes to the architecture services we are able to provide on each design project.

Foshee Multifamily Architecture - Homepage John Foshee Founder with Molly Dog
Mr. Foshee with Molly, the unofficial corporate greeter.


Every project is approached with a similar design process that is customized for each client.

  • Listen to a client’s preferences, desires, and performance objectives. 
  • Ask questions to better understand the factors at play and help a client resolve their needs and priorities.
  • Present multiple solutions to allow a client to see a variety of ways to achieve their goals.
  • Respect budget throughout the design process to ensure overall project costs meet expectations.
  • Review financial goals to better understand how the design helps to achieve the desired return-on-investment.
  • Visualize the project and be supplied pre-leasing marketing images, using our 3d technology, prior to beginning construction.
  • Provide guidance through the design and construction phases, including coordination with review agencies and local authorities.
Foshee Multifamily Architecture - Homepage - Ruth & Sons Rendering - Dexter Ave. - Architect Historic Renovation and Tax Credits
An example artist depiction of a historic renovation project.


Our team’s past experience includes not only the design, but also the development, construction, leasing, management, and maintenance of multifamily projects.  With our diverse background, we are able to understand all facets of a project and speak the same language, as we have personally done it!  In addition, we are able to collaborate with you early on in the design process, as we recognize the collective knowledge, expertise and experience each client brings to a project.  No one knows your needs better than you, and we want to work with you to meet your needs, achieve your goals, and exceed your expectations!

Foshee Multifamily Architecture partners with expert professionals in the engineering industry to provide comprehensive design solutions on even the most challenging projects.  Each project is approached with a balance of technical expertise and the artistry of delivering a beautiful, functional design.

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Foshee Office Exterior
Our office is located in a renovated building, located around historic Court Square Fountain


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